Fix and Flip Documentation / Process

Use the checklist below to help you distinguish between information you will need to provide. 

  • Information About the Loan Purchase or Refinance 
  • Purchase contract
  • Property access instructions 
  • Required entity information 
  • All entities and individuals who are part of the borrowing organization 
  • Guarantor(s)’s SSN and Date Of Birth 
  • Rehab information/Scope of Work 
  • Rehab budget information
  • Draw schedule 
  • Valuation delivery acknowledgement 
  • Hazard insurance agent information 
  • Closing agent information 
  • 12 months Builder's Risk Policy Quote
  • A copy of the executed purchase contract and addenda (when applicable) 
  • A copy of a voided check for monthly ACH auto-debit 
  • Borrower’s real estate transaction history and schedule of real estate owned 
  • Guarantor(s)’s real estate transaction history and schedule of real estate owned 
  • Three months of borrower’s most recent bank statements 
  • Borrower’s current formation document 
  • Borrower’s current organizational agreement 
  • Signed disclosures by borrower 
  • Signed Borrowing Authorization Form

General Contractor Information

  • Valid state contractor license
  • E&O policy
  • Worker Compensation Policy
  • resume and contractor's projects completed in past 24 months

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