Our process is the easiest and most reliable in the industry.  We only pull a Tranunion credit report for pricing.  We don't have a minimum credit score requirement. We never ask of additional financial or employment information.  We don't source and season down payments or care about debt-to-income ratios.

Adjustable rate mortgage programs which require minimum 580 credit score and 20% down payment. Loan amounts to $1.5 million.

  • No tax returns required
  • Employment is verified
  • Assets are verified. Any large deposit in the past 60 days must be sourced by bank account.
  • Restricted to non-owner occupied properties in all states.  
  • Borrower must have minimum down payment of 5% of their own funds. 
  • Gifts from family members are okay.  
  • No maximum on number of properties owned.  
  • Prepayment penalties apply for the fixed portion of the program. 
  • Property titled in the name of an LLC or corporate name.  
  • Debt service coverage is 1.20x. 

II) No Income, Verified Assets

Portfolio mortgage program for W2 wage earner or self-employed (for 2 years).  Verfication of assets and employment.

  • Minimum credit score of 680+
  • Requires 40% down payment or equity in property.
  • Purchase or refinance.
  • Owner occupied or investment (1-4 units) properties. 
  • Must have 42 months of housing payment reserves after closing

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