NJ and NY Home Mortgage Purchase Programs 

You might be a first time home buyer or you could have purchased your home 15 years ago.  It's easy to surf the internet for real estate listings.  But before you schedule an appointment or go to an open house, you might want to determine how much home can you afford.

Well, today's market has changed. Any realtor will probably ask you if you have been pre-approved for a mortgage.  They don't want to waste their time.  You can purchase a home with a minimal down payment as low as 3% for conforming loan balances.  1 day out of bankruptcy or foreclosure if you are qualified with the required down payment, credit and income.

Here is a quick review of the Mortgage Process

1) First Meeting

During the first meeting or telephone call, we will give you an overview of general mortgage process.

2) Mortgage Qualification

Mortgage qualification depends on your Credit Score, Credit History, Income, Assets and Employment. Lenders interest rates are based on the risk profile of the borrower. The best credit allows you a lower down payment and lower mortgage rate.

Borrowers with recent credit issues may require larger down payment and a probable higher interest rate to compensate for the risk for default.

Compensating factors such as job stability and high asset balances after closing may offset risk. 

Typically, your total housing payment (principal, interest, tax and insurance) should be <36% of your monthly gross income. Total monthly debt (housing payment plus credit card and installment loans) <43% of gross monthly income. We have programs that can go up to max 50% of gross monthly income dependent on compensating factors.

2) Gather Information

You should collect documents in a mortgage folder containing your personal financial information.  Or go DOC LESS, where you authorize us to electronically verify your income, assets and tax returns.


  • 30 days of most recent paystubs
  • last 2 years of W2
  • last 2 years Federal Income Tax returns (1040) signed
  • if new employee (offer letter)

Assets and Reservers

  • 2 months of bank statements (all pages)
  • most recent quarterly retirement, mutual fund, stock accounts

Identification (Required)

  • photo identification (driver license or passport)
  • Foreign National work visa (if appliable) Social Security Card

3) Fast Pre-Approval

We help you determine your loan options based on price and timing of your purchase. Often having a pre-approval letter when making an offer can make your appear more desirable to a seller to ensure an on-time closing.

4) Get a Rate Quote

In order to receive a customized rate quote, please complete the inquiry form. We will contact you shortly. We can also provide a mortgage pre approval or mortgage pre qualification. Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

Now is a great opportunity to purchase a home in the NJ and NY metropolitan area.  We have a wide variety of mortgage loan programs which might fit your particular needs.  A sampling of our mortgage loan programs:

  • First time home buyer
  • Move up home buyer and second home purchase
  • Jumbo mortgage loans to $3 million 
  • Investor (1 - 4 units) multi-family 5+ units
  • FHA and VA loans
  • Foreign National program
  • Reverse Mortgage (borrowers must be 62 1/2 year young)
  • Less than perfect Credit scores starting at 500+
  • No Income Verification
  • Pledged Asset Program
  • 24 Month Bank Statement Programs for self-employed
  • Portolio Loans (niche products not Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac)

We are experienced in all phases of the mortgage spectrum and we have been in business over 19 years.  Many programs to fit the discreet buyer with perfect credit to the second chance buyer.  We treat all our customers with respectfully and hope to earn your business.  Great rates and service with a smile! 

Call today toll-fee at 800-327-0123 to discuss your mortgage options. Or apply on-line. 

New Application Technology:

No copying bank statements or paystubs.  Apply with our new, secure, hassle-free technology to apply for a home loan completely on-line.

Run your credit, authorize verification of employment and assets from the comfort of your home. Electronically sign your entire initial disclosure package and upload supporting documents.  Apply NOW, at your convenience using our BLINK on-line, secured application.  

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